You know, Tarot reading is a funny thing

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

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Recently I suggested to a client that she learn to read Tarot cards, mainly for herself, for now. The thought came to me as a kind of intuitive hit while I was reading her cards. Turns out she had cards but didn't know how to use them. As we chatted back and forth over email she asked THE question, and I mean the Queen Mother of questions when you are talking intuition:

"How do I tell the difference between when I am getting an intuitive answer and when it is coming from me, using my experiences, opinions and prejudices?"

Discernment: Who's speaking?

It was a great question and one that is asked by all Tarot readers, especially when we are just starting out. And the struggle doesn't necessarily end there; even seasoned readers question themselves sometimes. Like when the question the client has asked hits close to home for the reader. Is this how I want it to be or is this our guidance giving me this answer? For me, that's where the Tarot comes in.

How it works for me

When I am setting up to do a reading I use a grounding meditation and then I call on my Higher Self and the client's Higher Self to be with me as I read, for the highest and best information for my client. Many times on the first read-through of the client's question I can feel my own 'stuff' or opinion or whatever I've got going on. But I trust the cards to give me the true answer for that moment in time; a clear snapshot of the situation and necessary information. Once I am in the energy of the reading the story comes to me and I trust that it is what I have asked for; I have to trust it and I do. It's what I love about reading Tarot - it lets me get out of the way and just feel Source Energy. It's a high and it's addictive, or more like inspiring; a way of life.

How about you?

My goal when I first started reading Tarot was to share the feeling it gave me - of an Energy beyond me - with others by reading for them. From the very first Tarot reading I received when I was a teen I knew, somehow, that there really was something bigger than me/us and I believed that I, too, could tap into it.

I'd love to hear about your first experience with a Tarot reading. Good? Bad? Scary? Helpful? Fun? Leave me a comment if you're inclined to share. I'm glad you're here. You are safe.

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